JD and Kate Industries Obama Scented Candle | Hand-Poured in 16 Oz Tin | Almond, Coconut and Pineapple Scent

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  • A celebration of Barack Obama in candle form
  • Smells like pineapple and coconut (because Hawaii) and almond (because Barack Obama likes almonds)
  • Each 14 oz candle measures 2.5" tall and 3.75" in diameter and is made from a soy wax blend
  • Hand-poured in St. Louis, Missouri

The Obama-Scented Candle blends the scents of almonds, coconut, and pineapple to create an aroma that is bright and full of hope. The label includes a tiny fist for you to bump and a photo of Obama as he looked when he entered office. (You know, before he had to put up with eight years of Mitch McConnell, birtherism, and people complaining about the color of his suits.) If you’re not ready to buy thirty or forty of these amazing candles...then I dunno, maybe you don’t really love Barack Obama. Prove us wrong!



Q: Is he single?

A: No.

Q: Can I have his number? I promise I won’t call him, I just need it for my files.

A: No.

Q: Can’t we just swap him for the current president?

A: People always talk about how prescient the framers of the Constitution were, but no, we cannot.

Q: If I put in headphones and listen to him saying “yes we can” over and over again on a loop, does it count as cheating?

A: Every relationship is different, but they all have a little room for Barack Obama.

Q: Where does he rank among 21st-century presidents?

A: First. But honestly, that’s not saying a lot.

Q: Did he really deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

A: We’ll just say this: he deserved it more than Woodrow Wilson did.

Q: How can I travel back in time and tell myself not to take him for granted?

A: Wormhole. Your best bet is a wormhole in space.