Kids Book for Democrats: Grumpy Trumpy: A Bad Hombre Parody

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If you were walking down the road and saw Donald Trump, what would you notice? Follow the missteps of our phony baloney, wishy-washy, frumpy dumpy president with a cleverly illustrated and worded picture book.

Inspired by the beloved Wonky Donkey, but not written by or endorsed by its author, this parody is a parody book for adults (though parents who have chosen to read these books to their children have enjoyed them as well).

A portion of the proceeds is being donated to the International Rescue Committee, to help refugees get supplies, girls attend school, etc. This author is exercising her first amendment right to criticize the current administration and using her voice to do something and help others. This book is not an attempt to 'brainwash' or teach hatred and the author has been sure to avoid some of 45's more offensive terminology. Trump fans will not find this amusing at all; mostly everyone else will. Sometimes the truth hurts. Life's too short and the political climate has been too tense. Enjoy this comedic novelty for yourself or makes a great political humor gift. Laughter is the best medicine.