Fundraising for a Cause | Pride Rainbow Pins for LGBTQ+ Gay Pride Awareness, Parades, Marches and More

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  • DEMOCRATIC DONKEY PIN: This Democratic Party Rainbow Donkey pin is perfect for those wanting to raise awareness, show unity and continue to spread the message of equality. By working to help elect pro-equality Democrats to local, state and Federal offices; conversations about equality and unity can become heard more. Our pin is perfect for wearing at your next campaign, political rally or Election Day. Our pin is perfect for showing support for the Democratic Party.
  • PIN SPECIFICATIONS: Our Rainbow Donkey Democratic Party pins are striped with the colors of the rainbow. Each sterling silver plated pin is ¾ inches. Celebrate LGBTQ Democrats with our rainbow donkey shaped pin. Our pin is designed to make it easy to wear on your collars, jackets, ties, tote bags, backpacks or attach it to your purse for personalized decoration. Make a statement with these rainbow Democratic donkey pins and show your support for an inclusive Democratic Party!
  • AWARENESS & FUNDRAISING: Our pins can be attached to pamphlets and given out as needed during Democratic conventions. Hand them out or sell them to raise funds for financial contributions to campaigns. Our pins can also be used as table decorations when you pin them to place cards at benefit dinners. Make a statement with these Rainbow Democratic Donkey Pins to start conversations about the importance of equality, unity and pride.
  • DEMOCRATIC PARTY SYMBOL: The Democratic Party symbol of a donkey dates back to Democrat Andrew Jackson's 1828 presidential campaign. When faced with the insult of being labeled a "jack ass" by his opponents, President Jackson decided to turn it into an asset by using the image of the strong-willed animal on his campaign posters!
  • USA BASED COMPANY: Fundraising For A Cause was founded in 2005 after our founder Karen Conroy's sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She saw how many people and organizations struggled to raise money and awareness for different causes. She came up with the idea of selling awareness products as a way to generate money for these organizations. Our state of the art 15,000 square foot warehouse located in Tampa, FL is stocked with over 6,500 different awareness products.