Donald Trump Toilet Brush Bowl Brush Funny Gag Gift

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  • ✔️Make your toilet great again! This high quality Trump toilet brush With the Holder will make your toilet clean like the white house and as a wise man once said: were going to drain the swamp in (your toilet) Washington DC
  • ✔️The reactions are priceless! This funny present is going to be a big hit with your friends Democrats or Republicans! a great White elephant gag gift that your friends, family and loved ones will love.. it looks so real you don't even have to tell them who it is (; just wait to see the look on their face's
  • ✔️Product size: 11 inches tall (Including the brush bowl) and 4 inches wide ( The holder.)
  • ✔️Benefits: When people see it in your bathroom it's going to make a great conversation item! it's also a great creative gag gift for a white elephant, birthday, company gathering, political party, housewarming gifts that will make them laugh and remember your present! angry at Trump? next time you go to the bathroom you know what to do( It actually cleans good).
  • ✔️Product includes: 1 Donald trump figure toilet brush and 1 brush holder bowl.

A PERFECT GIFT FOR TRUMP LOVERS AND HATERS: Your friends will get a kick out of it, Know someone who adores Trump? Surely they’ll love having him in their bathroom! It’s an intimate way to spend even more time with your favorite President. And if you hate Trump, well...let’s just say your bathroom will always stay clean. PROUDLY MADE IN CHINA (AND NOT NORTH KOREA): It’s no secret that Trump loves China, so we sent a trade delegation of our own to get these brushes made in one of China’s greatest factories. They are very stable geniuses at making toilet brushes– and the Little Rocket Man is not involved! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You can’t take back your vote for Trump, but if you don’t like this toilet paper just send it back to us unopened for a full refund. No one wants a second-hand toilet brush, but we don’t care. Just don’t use it before you return it!